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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
VAR - 1ST GRADE ELEMENTARY TEACHER-19-20-3306/18/2019Elementary CertifiedVarious ElementaryApply
VAR - 2ND GRADE ELEMENTARY TEACHER-19-20-3206/18/2019Elementary CertifiedVarious ElementaryApply
VAR - PRE-KINDERGARTEN TEACHER-19-20-3106/18/2019CertifiedVarious ElementaryApply
CENTRAL OFFICE - SECRETARY III-19-20-506/14/2019ClassifiedCentral OfficeApply
VHS - LIBRARY ASSISTANT-19-20-1306/14/2019ClassifiedValencia High SchoolApply
VAR - SCHOOL NURSE-19-20-3006/13/2019Various SitesVarious SitesApply
LLE - CUSTODIAN-19-20-706/13/2019CustodialLos Lunas ElementaryApply
DVE - PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COACH-19-20-906/12/2019CertifiedDesert View ElementaryApply
VHS - CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT PROGRAM TEACHER-19-20-106/12/2019CertifiedValencia High SchoolApply
VAR - BAND TEACHER-19-20-2906/12/2019CertifiedVarious SitesApply
RGE - CUSTODIAN-19-20-2106/10/2019CustodialRaymond Gabaldon ElementaryApply
VAR - SCIENCE TEACHER-19-20-2806/10/2019CertifiedVarious SecondaryApply
VAR - SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER-19-20-2706/10/2019CertifiedVarious SecondaryApply
VAR - SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER-19-20-2606/10/2019CertifiedVarious SitesApply
VAR - 6TH GRADE ELEMENTARY TEACHER-19-20-2506/10/2019Elementary CertifiedVarious ElementaryApply
VAR - LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER-19-20-2406/10/2019CertifiedVarious SecondaryApply
VAR - KINDERGARTEN TEACHER-19-20-2306/10/2019CertifiedVarious ElementaryApply
VAR - 3RD GRADE ELEMENTARY TEACHER-19-20-2206/10/2019Elementary CertifiedVarious ElementaryApply
VAR - SUBSTITUTE COOK HELPER-18-19-2906/10/2019Food ServiceStudent NutritionApply
TRANS - SUBSTITUTE BUS DRIVER-18-19-1806/10/2019TransportationTransportationApply
TRANS - SUBSTITUTE BUS ASSISTANT-18-19-1706/10/2019ClassifiedTransportationApply
TECH - IT SUPPORT TECHNICIAN II-19-20-306/07/2019ClassifiedTechnologyApply
LLHS - PERMANENT SUBSTITUTE TEACHER-19-20-2305/28/2019SubstituteLos Lunas High SchoolApply
LLHS - ASSISTANT GIRLS SOCCER COACH-19-20-2205/28/2019CoachingLLHS AthleticsApply
APE - ART TEACHER-19-20-1005/15/2019CertifiedAnn Parish ElementaryApply
VMS - HEAD FOOTBALL COACH - 19-20-1205/13/2019CoachingVMS AthleticsApply
VMS - HEAD CHEERLEADER COACH-19-20-1105/13/2019CoachingVMS AthleticsApply
LLMS - HEAD CHEERLEADER COACH-19-20-905/13/2019CoachingLLMS AthleticsApply
SE - COUNSELOR-19-20-405/09/2019CertifiedSundance ElementaryApply
TRANS - BUS MECHANIC-19-20-405/08/2019ClassifiedTransportationApply
VHS - ASSISTANT CROSS COUNTRY COACH-19-20-1005/08/2019CoachingVHS AthleticsApply
LLMS - VOLLEYBALL COACH-19-20-805/08/2019CoachingLLMS AthleticsApply
VMS - VOLLEYBALL COACH-19-20-1005/08/2019CoachingVMS AthleticsApply
VMS - ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH-19-20-905/08/2019CoachingVMS AthleticsApply
LLMS - ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH-19-20-705/08/2019CoachingLLMS AthleticsApply
VHS - CUSTODIAN-19-20-904/30/2019CustodialValencia High SchoolApply
LLHS - ASSISTANT CHEERLEADER COACH-19-20-1904/29/2019CoachingLLHS AthleticsApply
LLHS - SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT-19-20-1304/12/2019ClassifiedLos Lunas High SchoolApply
SAFE - SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER-19-20-104/10/2019ClassifiedSafety & SecurityApply
VE - 4/5/6 FAMILY SCHOOL ELEMENTARY TEACHER-19-20-203/22/2019Elementary CertifiedValencia ElementaryApply
PE - CUSTODIAN-19-20-203/18/2019CustodialPeralta ElementaryApply
TRANS - BUS ASSISTANT-19-20-203/08/2019ClassifiedTransportationApply
TRANS - BUS DRIVER-19-20-103/08/2019TransportationTransportationApply
LLMS - SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT-19-20-303/08/2019ClassifiedLos Lunas Middle SchoolApply
LLMS - PERMANENT SUBSTITUTE TEACHER-19-20-203/08/2019SubstituteLos Lunas Middle SchoolApply
LLHS - CUSTODIAN-19-20-1103/08/2019CustodialLos Lunas High SchoolApply
LLE - KINDERGARTEN ASSISTANT-19-20-703/08/2019ClassifiedLos Lunas ElementaryApply
LLE - SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT-19-20-603/08/2019ClassifiedLos Lunas ElementaryApply
VAR - GIFTED TEACHER - 19-20-103/08/2019CertifiedSpecial ServicesApply
VAR - SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIAN-18-19-3003/05/2019CustodialDistrict MaintenanceApply